Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | May 14, 2010

“let it be……”

So we got our yearbooks on wed and they look awesome!!! They just better and better each year. I’m gonna miss so many people over the summer! But these two summer months will FLY BY SO FAST! I always like coming back to school in August and seeing how people have changed over the summer!! Its either “omg u look so good” or “dang what happened to you?”. LOL!  I wanna get a “omg u look so good”. But thats just me. So a whole bunch of people have signed my yearbook…but imma share my favorite ones…..

Chioma/Hayley/Janet, Im gonna miss you so much this summer including your midnight calls! Even though you always end up falling asleep. -Devona/Latoya/Courtney

Chioma! I never watched the bachelor!       -Brandon 🙂

Oh gurl! Your so funny. We always be laughing(at other people) ha! I am so glad we’re friends. I love you gurl     ❤ Hays

“Hey Bonquiqui” whats crackin?! Anyways i love you so much. Thank you for all you do and I say, i really appreciate that. Girl we have sooo much fun together and I hop to share so many more years with you. BETTA BE COMING BACK   ❤ yo girrrll -Malafaquisha

my all-time favorite……


This has been an amazing year! And it went by so quick though! We have to hang out this summer! And by the way, you have become my best friend (girl) in our class. You’re awesome:) Stay Chill haha and be safe

Your sexy yet sophistcated friend, Jantzen:)


haha i love my friends soo much! I cant wait till summer to start hanging out!  I can’t wait for this summer! I want to find a job somewhere. I’m gonna be tutoring also. Me and my family are gonna go to Disney World for the first time so im excited. I’ve been to Florida b4 but never to Disney World. I’m also getting TWO NEW pairs of glasses! heck yea!! So there is just so much in store for this summer!!!!! But i cant wait till JUNIOR YEAR BABY!!! WHOOT WHOOT!


  1. That devona girls sounds HOTT! if i was a guy i would so Date her lol 🙂

  2. omg wow devonaa!

  3. lol u know its tru! 🙂

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