Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | May 10, 2010


So i found out that we are getting our yearbooks on wed. I can’t believe this year is almost over already. We literally have three weeks of school left. One week of learing, one week of review, one week of finals! Crazy right? So many people along with the seniors are leaving next year. I wonder why they are leaving! I like my school and i wouldnt want to leave. Sometimes i do get tired of school but its mostly because of the people. The people are soo fake. And plus leaving ur senior year is just stupid. I would never do that.

Omg so it seems like yesterday i was just in elementary school and then now in two years i’m gonna be in college. I really can’t wait till college. The idea of being in college is scary but fun! I also am not sure what i want to major in!!! ugh! Oh mylanta thinking about all this is giving me a headache!


  1. Oh mylanta bt u nd me both kno were GLAD thier leavin lol

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