Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | May 8, 2010

here comes the sun, and i say it’s all right

So i decided to change my style. Nothing drastic. I’m still gonna be me. I’m like totally in love with the whole vintage look. I love the high waisted skirts, the tights, the high heels and everything. i actually made a powerpoint with my new look. my new style   (click the link to view it, then click the link again to open up the file). Starting my junoir year im gonna start rockin my new style. And over the summer i will buy new clothes and update my wardrobe! Ah i have a good feeling about this. Except people at my school are very judgemental but i really dont care what they think! Everyone is created diff and everyone had their own unique style.

I raided my mom’s closet (which is FULL  of shoes). I found like 5 pairs i totally love and she told me I could have them! Ah how awesome is that?! I love going through her closet! I also went htrough like wher she keeps all her old clothes from when she was slim. I found a cute sweater dress and , two awesome belts. I took a break from looking but i’m gonna go back and look for more stuff. I really need to get a job this summer so i can afford my new wardrobe :/. Ah maybe i’ll find a job in a clothing store:)  So i told my friends about my new look and they said it was intresting and they could not wait to see it. I  think i’m gonna surpsise a lot of people. When i first came to yacs i did the whole preppy look. And EVERYONE was doing it and it got really boring!!! Then i did the whole skinny jeans, graphic tee, and converse look. I was really comfortable in that. But i guess i wanted to change my style to something a bit more girly. And vintage seemed to be it. SO i’m happy with it.  So what do yall think of my new look?


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