Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | May 7, 2010

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards:)

I still dont know what to do concerning my classes for next school year. I asked my teacher for my paper back today. These are very important decisions and idk what choice to make!!!!!!!

Here are the list of the classes avaible to me:

Bible  (required to take)

SAT Prep (required to take)

Honors Chemistry or Regular Chemistry (think i’m gonna do regular Chemistry)

AP U.S. History or Regular U.S. History (i’m gonna do regular U.S. History)

Honors U.S. Lit/Comp. or Regular U.S. Lit/Comp (I’m gonna do regular U.S. Lit/comp)

Pre-Calculus or Algebra/ Trig. (I’m gonna do Algebra/Trig.)

But im still oh so nervous about junior year. I’m gonna get the books that i’m gonna use next year from a friend andstart studying over the summer. Call me a nerd but i want good grades my junior year!

Here are a list of the elective choices we have:

Missions-Mass Communocations-Spanish III- Cultural Studies-Band-Culinary Arts-Strenght Training- Sign Language- Anatomy- Physics-Art I- Child Development- Chorus- One Act Play- Team Sports- Teacher Aide- and Chapel Crew

So they said to label the choices u want from 1 to 4. 1 being the one you want most. So i labeled mine….

__ 1) Chapel Crew

__2) Cultural Studies

__3) Anatomy

__4) Physics

Anyone that wants to do Chapel Crew has to “tryout”. I have to write a paper with the following:

* why i want to be in Chapel Crew

* What talents and abilities could I bring to the team?

* If i could change one thing about chapel this year, what would it be?

* What things could you see yourself doing on a weekly basis during the chapel time?

So then i also have to “construct a chapel”. I have to come up with the songs, a theme, a topic, Scripture Verses, and any activites/games i would do.

So yeah I’ve been swamped with a lot of stuff! But I still got the weekend to figure it out and i will turn in my paper on Monday! Today I turned in my student government paper with my twelve sig. ! I feel pretty good about that. And plus if i get elected it’ll look mighty good on my transcript.

So as i’m writingmy mom is telling me that she really wants me to get a scholorship to college. I really want one too. Like how awesome would that be? Thats why i gotta work super hard next yr. So finals are coming up and i must start studying! The two subjects i really need extra help and and a lot more work is Spanish and Algebra. I really gotta make at least a B on them. Last semester i succeded in making a B in Spanish. I have a 91 now and i want to hold on to my A. In Algebra i have an 86 and I want to hold on to my B and bring it even higher! So i just gotta start studying A LOT!!!!!



  1. You should take at least one AP class, if not more. Colleges love that, and I don’t think I’d have gotten the academic scholarships I got if I hadn’t shown I was really serious about learning by taking APs.

    • Ah i want to but its really hard!!! I just don’t think i’m capable of it! maybe i’ll just take all honors classes. And thanks for checking out my blog

  2. omg. I love this layout =]
    xD; I need to start studying too. I have mid terms =[
    You’re so lucky. You get to take a ton of subjects. I’m like, limited to 5 =3=;

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