Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | May 6, 2010

oh mylanta!

                                       Ah so yesterday was a pretty good day. Except for first period in which we had a huge test. It was not fun at all!! The rest of the day was pretty chill. My history teacher gave my class awards for being such a good class. It was so nice of her. Sh even made goodie bags. Now what other teacher would do that?  Then at lunch as usual I sat with my crazy friends. If you have to get up to do something (thats not a very good idea). They WILL do something to you or your stuff. Or even eat your food. So today I got up to go to the water fountian. When I came back everyone started laughing and I could not figure out why. A couple minutes later i figured out they put sandwhich meat on my seat. But i just laughed it off. 🙂 But oh mylanta it was pretty funny! My friend was like “see u can take a joke and laugh about it”. Very true! I’m pretty much one of those always happy perky people. But ya just gotta love me lol! Then after lunch I go through the rest of my classes. Then 7th period comes and we have an Assembly. It was for our elective classses and classes for next schol year. So all the teachers came up and talked about their classes. One of the elementary school teachers is moving up to Middle/High school next year. Im so excited because i love her soo much. If  I don’t get into chapelcrew im def. doing her class. But if i do get chapel crew i’m gonna do her class next semester. I’m really swamped with a lot of decisions! I’m also running for class rep. for student government. AH! But hopfully i should not stress that much over it. Im really nervous about my junior year! Its supposidly the hardest year! I also want to play basketball so i’ll be super busy! I already decided that im gonna work super hard and not let anything get in my way. Wow this is a  lot to think about!!!!!!!!

 ugh oh mylanta (my new word) haha!

                                                             until next time, adios mis amigos hasta luego!

P.S. i posted some intresting blogs on my blogs pages. check them out. But still read mine! haha!


  1. Haha!~
    LOVE the catch phrase =] and oh my gosh, you have a 7th period???!!! O__O”
    what time does your school finish?!!! Mine’s only up to 5th period lol..

    Hah^^ I just checked out your other blogs page! =] xD; sorry if this sounds weird but you have the url of my blogger blog wrong hahah^^;;

    • haha thanks!! yeah we have a 7th period. Schools starts at 8:10 and ends 3:05. Its ok. But our 7th period classes are like optional and fun so.. oh im sorry i put it wrong lol. what the right one?

      • O_O awesome!!!!! my school finished at 3:10 and ther’es only 5 O_O;;
        I wish I had that!!!
        haha it’s okay=]
        it’s the blogger one.

      • oh wow yall really dont have a lot of classes. What are the classes you take? And thanks for the new lonk i’ll post it up!

  2. I miss you [:
    check out my page 😀

  3. I miss you [:

    Check out my page 😀
    Ignore/delete my last comment. it didn’t work. lol
    anyways, I fixed it up [: and posted

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