Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | May 2, 2010

“who could ever love…a BEAST!”

So the play last night was amazing! it was so much fun too. I liked it so much I decided to do drama next year:)! But i was really impressed with how they matched the characters so well. It was perfect. So here are some pictures from the play. ENJOY:)


  1. Omg. I love Belle’s yellow dress!! it’s so pretty =]
    by the way, nice layout =]

  2. hha i know it soo pretty! She’s my best friend! She was amazing! And thanks:)

  3. That looks like it was a really good play. My school always does productions of Shakespeare plays. They’re never really that great.

  4. wow, those costumes are stunning!
    i love belle’s dress!

    thanks for the comment. cute blog. 🙂

    • ah i know its beautiful! i got to take pics with Belle…well she’s my bff so i got that extra benefit!! lol thanks for checking out my blog! i hope u’ll come back

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