Posted by: i'm just a girl........ | April 27, 2010

a picture=1,000 words

So i decided to start a photography blog. I will basically post a new picture everyday and a quote. I think so much can be said even from just a ordinary picture. I will still keep up with this blog so don’t worry:) But here is the link for my photography blog… Hope u enjoy:)

So today was a pretty good day. Except for the end of 6th period when this guy in my class decided to be a jerk! Our school is doing a Beauty and the Beast production. And this guy is in the band. So all the people in the play and band had to check out for dress rehersal.  So i assumed that he was supposed to go as well. i simply asked him, “are u in band”? He goes off on me!! He says “Maybe if u tuck your hair behind your ears you’ll be able to hear better”. Like OMG WHAT THE HECK! So all my guy friends in the class was like “what a jerk” and telling this dude what a jerk he is. Haha i’m lucky to have them! I didnt even have to say anything to this guy cause my guys friends had talken care of it!  But this guy still pisses me off! :[


  1. OMG. I’m checking that out now!!~!!!

    lol……maybe that guy had a bad day? haha^^;;

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