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like what the heck you thinkin’

So today was a pretty good day until…….this guy slapped me! ON PURPOSE! So here’s what happened…me and my two friends were talking during break and there was a group next to us talking. So i over hear my name and he says “Just watch till she come over here”. So the bell rings and me and my two friends head off to class. So i’m walking and the guy calls me over. So i’m like what do u want. He SLAPS my arm so hard that you can hear it from a few feet away and it left a giant red mark! So i was like “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR”?!?!?!? But im like sooo pissed off i just walked off to class. So then i told a couple other teachers and they didnt do anything about it! After lunch i wen to one of my teachers. She dont play when it comes to stuff like that. i told her and she said she was gonna tell the principal(her husband). And she was gonna talk to the guy that slapped me. So after 5th period the guys comes up to me and is like “you know i wasn’t mad at you right”. I’m like “It don;t even matter u should not have touched me” and i walked away. But i was pretty much pissed off the whole day. I ‘m also pissed off at the group he was with that didnt even do or say anything when he did that. So when I came home i told my dad and he got really upset!!!!! He told me to tell him what happens. But ugh i have sooo much work it crazy! Like ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School is pissing me off so bad i just can’t wait till its over

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“let it be……”

So we got our yearbooks on wed and they look awesome!!! They just better and better each year. I’m gonna miss so many people over the summer! But these two summer months will FLY BY SO FAST! I always like coming back to school in August and seeing how people have changed over the summer!! Its either “omg u look so good” or “dang what happened to you?”. LOL!  I wanna get a “omg u look so good”. But thats just me. So a whole bunch of people have signed my yearbook…but imma share my favorite ones…..

Chioma/Hayley/Janet, Im gonna miss you so much this summer including your midnight calls! Even though you always end up falling asleep. -Devona/Latoya/Courtney

Chioma! I never watched the bachelor!       -Brandon 🙂

Oh gurl! Your so funny. We always be laughing(at other people) ha! I am so glad we’re friends. I love you gurl     ❤ Hays

“Hey Bonquiqui” whats crackin?! Anyways i love you so much. Thank you for all you do and I say, i really appreciate that. Girl we have sooo much fun together and I hop to share so many more years with you. BETTA BE COMING BACK   ❤ yo girrrll -Malafaquisha

my all-time favorite……


This has been an amazing year! And it went by so quick though! We have to hang out this summer! And by the way, you have become my best friend (girl) in our class. You’re awesome:) Stay Chill haha and be safe

Your sexy yet sophistcated friend, Jantzen:)


haha i love my friends soo much! I cant wait till summer to start hanging out!  I can’t wait for this summer! I want to find a job somewhere. I’m gonna be tutoring also. Me and my family are gonna go to Disney World for the first time so im excited. I’ve been to Florida b4 but never to Disney World. I’m also getting TWO NEW pairs of glasses! heck yea!! So there is just so much in store for this summer!!!!! But i cant wait till JUNIOR YEAR BABY!!! WHOOT WHOOT!

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So i found out that we are getting our yearbooks on wed. I can’t believe this year is almost over already. We literally have three weeks of school left. One week of learing, one week of review, one week of finals! Crazy right? So many people along with the seniors are leaving next year. I wonder why they are leaving! I like my school and i wouldnt want to leave. Sometimes i do get tired of school but its mostly because of the people. The people are soo fake. And plus leaving ur senior year is just stupid. I would never do that.

Omg so it seems like yesterday i was just in elementary school and then now in two years i’m gonna be in college. I really can’t wait till college. The idea of being in college is scary but fun! I also am not sure what i want to major in!!! ugh! Oh mylanta thinking about all this is giving me a headache!

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the more the merrier….!

Hola! so i made another blog..on Bu this one is a vintage blog. And i’m gonna be posting my outfits on it as soon as i get around to doing that. But here is the link  ….. 

Over and out ~ Vintage chick

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here comes the sun, and i say it’s all right

So i decided to change my style. Nothing drastic. I’m still gonna be me. I’m like totally in love with the whole vintage look. I love the high waisted skirts, the tights, the high heels and everything. i actually made a powerpoint with my new look. my new style   (click the link to view it, then click the link again to open up the file). Starting my junoir year im gonna start rockin my new style. And over the summer i will buy new clothes and update my wardrobe! Ah i have a good feeling about this. Except people at my school are very judgemental but i really dont care what they think! Everyone is created diff and everyone had their own unique style.

I raided my mom’s closet (which is FULL  of shoes). I found like 5 pairs i totally love and she told me I could have them! Ah how awesome is that?! I love going through her closet! I also went htrough like wher she keeps all her old clothes from when she was slim. I found a cute sweater dress and , two awesome belts. I took a break from looking but i’m gonna go back and look for more stuff. I really need to get a job this summer so i can afford my new wardrobe :/. Ah maybe i’ll find a job in a clothing store:)  So i told my friends about my new look and they said it was intresting and they could not wait to see it. I  think i’m gonna surpsise a lot of people. When i first came to yacs i did the whole preppy look. And EVERYONE was doing it and it got really boring!!! Then i did the whole skinny jeans, graphic tee, and converse look. I was really comfortable in that. But i guess i wanted to change my style to something a bit more girly. And vintage seemed to be it. SO i’m happy with it.  So what do yall think of my new look?


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Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards:)

I still dont know what to do concerning my classes for next school year. I asked my teacher for my paper back today. These are very important decisions and idk what choice to make!!!!!!!

Here are the list of the classes avaible to me:

Bible  (required to take)

SAT Prep (required to take)

Honors Chemistry or Regular Chemistry (think i’m gonna do regular Chemistry)

AP U.S. History or Regular U.S. History (i’m gonna do regular U.S. History)

Honors U.S. Lit/Comp. or Regular U.S. Lit/Comp (I’m gonna do regular U.S. Lit/comp)

Pre-Calculus or Algebra/ Trig. (I’m gonna do Algebra/Trig.)

But im still oh so nervous about junior year. I’m gonna get the books that i’m gonna use next year from a friend andstart studying over the summer. Call me a nerd but i want good grades my junior year!

Here are a list of the elective choices we have:

Missions-Mass Communocations-Spanish III- Cultural Studies-Band-Culinary Arts-Strenght Training- Sign Language- Anatomy- Physics-Art I- Child Development- Chorus- One Act Play- Team Sports- Teacher Aide- and Chapel Crew

So they said to label the choices u want from 1 to 4. 1 being the one you want most. So i labeled mine….

__ 1) Chapel Crew

__2) Cultural Studies

__3) Anatomy

__4) Physics

Anyone that wants to do Chapel Crew has to “tryout”. I have to write a paper with the following:

* why i want to be in Chapel Crew

* What talents and abilities could I bring to the team?

* If i could change one thing about chapel this year, what would it be?

* What things could you see yourself doing on a weekly basis during the chapel time?

So then i also have to “construct a chapel”. I have to come up with the songs, a theme, a topic, Scripture Verses, and any activites/games i would do.

So yeah I’ve been swamped with a lot of stuff! But I still got the weekend to figure it out and i will turn in my paper on Monday! Today I turned in my student government paper with my twelve sig. ! I feel pretty good about that. And plus if i get elected it’ll look mighty good on my transcript.

So as i’m writingmy mom is telling me that she really wants me to get a scholorship to college. I really want one too. Like how awesome would that be? Thats why i gotta work super hard next yr. So finals are coming up and i must start studying! The two subjects i really need extra help and and a lot more work is Spanish and Algebra. I really gotta make at least a B on them. Last semester i succeded in making a B in Spanish. I have a 91 now and i want to hold on to my A. In Algebra i have an 86 and I want to hold on to my B and bring it even higher! So i just gotta start studying A LOT!!!!!


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oh mylanta!

                                       Ah so yesterday was a pretty good day. Except for first period in which we had a huge test. It was not fun at all!! The rest of the day was pretty chill. My history teacher gave my class awards for being such a good class. It was so nice of her. Sh even made goodie bags. Now what other teacher would do that?  Then at lunch as usual I sat with my crazy friends. If you have to get up to do something (thats not a very good idea). They WILL do something to you or your stuff. Or even eat your food. So today I got up to go to the water fountian. When I came back everyone started laughing and I could not figure out why. A couple minutes later i figured out they put sandwhich meat on my seat. But i just laughed it off. 🙂 But oh mylanta it was pretty funny! My friend was like “see u can take a joke and laugh about it”. Very true! I’m pretty much one of those always happy perky people. But ya just gotta love me lol! Then after lunch I go through the rest of my classes. Then 7th period comes and we have an Assembly. It was for our elective classses and classes for next schol year. So all the teachers came up and talked about their classes. One of the elementary school teachers is moving up to Middle/High school next year. Im so excited because i love her soo much. If  I don’t get into chapelcrew im def. doing her class. But if i do get chapel crew i’m gonna do her class next semester. I’m really swamped with a lot of decisions! I’m also running for class rep. for student government. AH! But hopfully i should not stress that much over it. Im really nervous about my junior year! Its supposidly the hardest year! I also want to play basketball so i’ll be super busy! I already decided that im gonna work super hard and not let anything get in my way. Wow this is a  lot to think about!!!!!!!!

 ugh oh mylanta (my new word) haha!

                                                             until next time, adios mis amigos hasta luego!

P.S. i posted some intresting blogs on my blogs pages. check them out. But still read mine! haha!

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“who could ever love…a BEAST!”

So the play last night was amazing! it was so much fun too. I liked it so much I decided to do drama next year:)! But i was really impressed with how they matched the characters so well. It was perfect. So here are some pictures from the play. ENJOY:)

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Beauty and the Beast!

Ah so my school is doing Beauty and the Beast! Like three days. Its supposidly really good. So Im gonna go see it tom. A lot of my friends are in it so im excited abou that!! We were gonna have so many test this week but thanks to the drama people not being there we didnt have it anymore! haha!:) But then next week all the work will be pilled back on us.! UGH!!!! But thats school!

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a picture=1,000 words

So i decided to start a photography blog. I will basically post a new picture everyday and a quote. I think so much can be said even from just a ordinary picture. I will still keep up with this blog so don’t worry:) But here is the link for my photography blog… Hope u enjoy:)

So today was a pretty good day. Except for the end of 6th period when this guy in my class decided to be a jerk! Our school is doing a Beauty and the Beast production. And this guy is in the band. So all the people in the play and band had to check out for dress rehersal.  So i assumed that he was supposed to go as well. i simply asked him, “are u in band”? He goes off on me!! He says “Maybe if u tuck your hair behind your ears you’ll be able to hear better”. Like OMG WHAT THE HECK! So all my guy friends in the class was like “what a jerk” and telling this dude what a jerk he is. Haha i’m lucky to have them! I didnt even have to say anything to this guy cause my guys friends had talken care of it!  But this guy still pisses me off! :[

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